Episode 1: The Launch

Episode 1: The Launch! 

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 1 of the Better Together Realty Group. We are launching our new series that is going to help buyers through the home buying process and guide you through all of those steps and sellers with the best practices. We’re going to help you all get to know us a little bit better. Today, we are going to introduce the team and help you get to know us a little bit better. 

Haleigh Bush Kurth- Team lead and listing specialist. 

“Hey, I’m Haleigh, I am the team lead for the Better Together Realty Group and our listing specialist. Why did I get into real-estate? How did we create this team? I graduated from College and my dad told me I needed to get a job, to which I responded, I don’t want to do that. It was my dad who actually pushed me to get into real estate and get my license. I started out as an assistant in the administrative side and really fell in love.  I loved being able to serve clients and of course have a little extra fun money while I was still working. That grew and I was ready to jump out on my own. So a couple of years back I became an individual agent by myself and it went awesome. Totally where I was supposed to be.  My business grew and grew and now I was able to bring my husband on board and then bring Dayna along. Our other buyers specialist and now our team has become a little family. We are loving it and we are so excited to be in real estate, to serve you. If you have any questions, just reach out and we would love to help.”

Dayna Henderson- Buyer Specialist. 

“Hi. My name is Dayna Henderson. I’m a buyer’s agent with the Better Together Realty Group. I got into real estate here in our community because I was looking for another way to serve my community on a different level. I’m a yoga instructor here and a mother. Real estate was very appealing to me because of the job flexibility, schedule, and meeting different people. I love helping others make their dreams come true. Also, just the unlimited opportunities in real estate working in residential and commercial with different locations is very exciting for me.”

Colton Kurth- Buyer Specialist. 

“Hi. My name is Colton Kurth. The question is- why did I get into real estate? I’ll be honest, there’s been a few days that I’ve asked myself that question.  The truth is, I got into real estate about two years ago because of my wife, Haleigh. She convinced me that my educational background and everything that I’ve been doing was well suited for the field.  Honestly, it’s been the best decision that we’ve ever made as a family. With a background in clinical psychology, the data driven mindset of those things really speaks to me when it comes to real estate. Looking at the market stats, the way that things ebb and flow throughout the year, especially with everything going on right now in the market due to covid,  I think the data side of things is really, really important, I love what we do here. I love being able to help home buyers find their home, their forever home, find their investment property. Whatever the need is, I just like being able to help people set goals and meet that need. We would love to help you out if you have any questions about the process. Please give us a call.”

The Better Together Realty Group is dedicated to customer service and making sure that, no matter what, our client's come first!  If there are any real estate questions we can answer for you, don't hesitate to reach out. If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell please share our content with them!  

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